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 I started my career in the horse business in 1963 at age 8 breaking the neighbors ponies to ride. Since then I've won World Championships, AQHA Championships, 41 Futurity Championships and 5 State Championships. We raised the winner of the first APHA Horseman's Challenge, Watch Sonny Twist, shown by Luke Jones. I was the 4-H horsemanship leader for years. I served as president of our local saddle club 3 years, vice president for 6 years. I've judged numerous circuit and 4-H horse shows. My wife and I currently own and operate PorterQuarterHorses.com. I pride myself with being a man of my word. "I say what I mean, and mean what I say". I represent all my horses as honestly and straight up as possible. With our online auctions, I'm not gonna list or represent any horse I don't know that belongs to someone I never met. All horses on our online auctions belong either to me, my family or my friends. I know the horses. I know their owners. You won't see "trick horses". We don't use smoke screens such as "laying down, bouncing a ball off their sides, sitting on their haunches like a dog, etc. We represent honest, broke horses. Not circus elephants. In my opinion that needless crap is used by so many as a smoke screen so they don't have to show what the horse won't do. What you will see are horses that you can take to your Ranch and do a days work. Horses that you can check pastures/fence with. Horses that you can take to a Ranch Rodeo and bring home the buckle. Horses that you can take on a leisurely trail ride, enjoy your day, be safe and be confident that you'll like him after you buy him/her. We are more concerned about running a fair, honest and quality online auction, with sound, honest horses than we are about seeing how many horses we can sell. You can bid on our online auctions with the confidence that you're dealing with an honest man. Even with our online auctions, even with the crazy, upside down world, crook filled world we live in, I'm still a handshake kind of guy. "If a persons word is no good, they have nothing". Thank you, Charlie and Heather Porter


With the Porter Quarter Horses Online Sale app, you can preview, watch and bid in our auctions from your mobile or tablet device. We feature: Quick registration, Following upcoming horses that interest you, Push notifications, tracking bidding history and activity and watch live auctions.